A guide to Powerball

A guide to Powerball

Power ball is a form of lottery or gambling activities that offers people opportunities to get money depending on you luck as a person. Despite it being a risky way of get money, it is also fun and enjoyable activity which can automatically change you fate, “from rugs to riches “due to the high level of joblessness in our today’s world, many people have turned to gambling and lottery activities this have resulted to the popularity of power ball among the adults.

Well power ball is a loss or gain activity that is common among people of all genders, played especially by young adults around the globe. The popularity of power ball has made it to be recognized internationally hence making people from all the corners of the earth want to try their luck. However, with the wrong mindset and greed power ball can render you bankrupt and leave you to die in poverty if not taken responsibly. For luck and success in power ball you need to be very careful with the numbers that you pick for the power ball lottery. Power ball provides you with easy money if you take precautions and act smart towards it.

How to play power ball

Playing power ball is very easy in a way that even a kid can play and win. It all depends on your lucky charms. Powerball offers one jackpot that continues to increase with time in case there are no winnings of the jackpot ticket that are recorded during the draw. Powerball also offers other small cash prizes to their players. Any way there are rules that must be followed in playing the Powerball.

Power ball is a lottery game with two-drums. The drums are designed in such a way that one of them contains 69 white balls and the other one holds 26 red balls. During a draw, only one ball will be drawn and the single red ball in your draw is what we call the Powerball. When buying a ticket for you Powerball stake you will be required to pick five white balls from the first drum and one red ball from the second drum which is the Powerball. If you do not want to pick the balls but you want to play, you can use the quick pick option which randomly picks the numbers for you.

How Powerball draw works

Everly Wednesday and Saturday nights at around 10.00pm the Powerball winners are drawn. The winning numbers are made public to all the participant through a live television program, on Powerball website, online through social media platforms and also the newspapers. For you to be declared a winner of Powerball jackpot, you must have matched correctly the six numbers, that is the five white numbers and the Powerball. As long as you match the six numbers with the winning draw, the arrangement does not matter. If there is no player who matched the six numbers, the jackpot is pushed over to the next drawing. As the jackpot increases more people gets to buy the power ball ticket therefore increasing the selling of the high possible combination number making it nearly impossible for a draw to lack a winner. At the beginning the Powerball jackpot rates up to $41 million which increases with about $11 million and above every time the jackpot is not won. The Powerball jackpot can even reach to higher various of up to a hundred million dollars. The highest Powerball jackpot to be ever awarded was worth more than $1.5 billion dollars.

However, the Powerball lottery does not only contain the jackpot but it also has other prizes in their drawing that range from $4 to $2000000. The value of the awards depends on how many numbers you are able to match correctly and the number of awards is limited to only the number of people with the correct matches.

What is the cost of playing Powerball?

You may think that to win such big amounts on Powerball, you need to invest a lot of money in your Powerball account but it is usually not the case. A basic Powerball ticket is purchased at $2 each. To use the powerplay option to your ticket you just have to add a dollar. So, the highest amount you can use to purchase a Powerball ticket is $3.

For the power play option, the price value you win for matching less than five balls will be multiplied with a number between one and five that is picked randomly. The powerplay option do not in either way affect the jackpot as it remains the same. Incase you much five numbers without the Powerball the winning price is automatically doubled to $2 million with the Powerplay option.